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Dynamic Digital Marketing and business solutions to help your business grow

Meaningful, authentic digital marketing is important and we want to help you reach your ideal customer, build positive brand awareness, support optimal conversion and drive website and in-person traffic and business growth using this foundational approach.

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there's a solution for every challenge

We Create Unique Campaigns and solutions to support and strengthen your business

Who We Are

Think Dynamic Digital, LLC, is a woman-owned, socially-responsible, digital marketing & business solutions company based in Shaftsbury in The Shires of Vermont and owned by Digital Marketing & Business Solutions Specialist, Andrea E. Bacchi.

I love and support local and work with small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, and non-profit organizations in Vermont, New York, New England, and beyond.”

“It is my mission to dynamically solve problems, build brands, and inspire people.”


From social media to email marketing, it’s about providing marketing strategies with a meaningful, authentic approach in mind. 

Social Media marketing & Management

If your brand is in need of social media marketing and/or management services to build trust and relationships with your audience, we've got you covered.  

Email Marketing & Management

Do you want to drive traffic to your website to sell your product or service? Email marketing is a great way to go.

Marketing Consulting

If you're in need of consulting to figure out which way to go with your marketing strategy, we can help.

Virtual Business Solutions

Do you need support for a one-time or an ongoing project? From data entry to marketing material creation, email inbox organization and applicant resume review — we can help!

Website Copywriting

If you need an audit of your website from a marketing perspective, or an update to your copy, we can help.

Content Creation

Content is what builds relationships with your ideal client. If you need help building your content or relationships, we have a dynamic approach to make this happen and attract your target audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is one of the most influential marketing methods that help to target ideal audiences, increase brand awareness, build trust with potential customers and drive conversion rates.

Our clients

A few of our clients. We've proudly worked with over 50.

Who We Work With

  • Start-Ups
  • Small Businesses & SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises)
  • Entrepreneurs / Solopreneurs / Individuals
  • Non-Profit Organizations 

Why Choose Us?

  • You’re seen as a partner, not just a client. (We’re in this together!)
  • Small to medium-sized businesses are our focus and passion!
  • We offer dynamic services to help you succeed.
  • Operating socially-responsible is in every action we take.

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